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Weigth Loss Secrets

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Drink Water and Lose Weight
I lost a total of 156 pounds and reduced 14 pant sizes.
The #1 secret to keeping off weight
Is maintaining an "Energy Balance
10 Medically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Try top 10 scientifically proven tips
Boosting weight loss and slowing the effects of aging
Aging expert reveals secrets to losing weight
Weight Loss Myths
Common misconceptions regarding weight loss
Right nutrition - Wrong nutrition
Receive the right nutritious elements and avoi others
Sensible Weight Loss Tips
Here are some generally-accepted guidelines for losing weight

Drink Water and Lose Weight
                         Water is a key part of any weight loss program.

  • Water will help the body with:

                                    Suppresses appetite
       Assists the body in metabolizing stored fat
       Reduces fat deposits in the body
       Relieves fluid retention problems.
       Reduces sodium buildup in the body
       Helps to maintain proper muscle tone.
       Rids the body of waste and toxins

           Tips on water intake:

-Drink a minimum of 64 ounces per day (2 quarts)
-Drink an additional 8 ounces per day for every 25 pounds overweight
-It is better to drink the water cold. Drink clean water, bottled or filtered
-Every time that you are hungry, drink one or two glasses of water
-Secrete of the most famous models of the world : to drink daily 2 or more
  liters of water to stay slender, radiant and splendid

                                             Weight Loss Testimonial

To : Dr. Batmanghelidj.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your "Water Cure". I swore to myself I would never hit 400. Life became a very painful experience.I also began having arthritic pains in my joints. I came across a radio program with your message on wellness with water. Thank GOD for hearing this message. I decided to make some drastic changes in my life, which I did. My weight leveled off at 399 pounds. Then it started dropping. The more I drank water and ate salt, the better I felt, and the better I looked. I lost a total of 156 pounds and reduced 14 pant sizes. And I did this by drinking the amount of water you recommend, using table salt and walking. Thank you very mush for your discovery!

The #1 secret to keeping off weight

You have proven everything, from restricted foods, balanced diets, narcotics, supplements, strenuous exercises. But it doesn't care what you make, your overweight returns again.

It is because you don't know the Secret #1 to stay off weight.

Which is the secret..?

The Secret is to maintain the " energy balance " Your energy balance is simply the balance between how many calories your body absorbs and burns. Absorb more calories than you burn, and you gain weight.

No cares that you eat, or as much as you eat and it doesn't care how activate or inactive are you, your inability to modify your "energy balance" properly is the primary reason so that you gain weight.

                                   Chart of Calories

                           The equation of calory/energy go this way:

If the calories that enter are similar to the calories
that you lose:

Your weight remains equally.

But if the entrance of calories (energy) exceeds the
energy than you burn:

You will gain weight

                                          (positive energy balance)

If the entrance of "energy" is smaller to the energy
than you burn

You lose weight

                                          (negative energy balance)

How to Gain or to Lose 1 pound of weight

     If you eat 3500 calories more than those that you burn,
     You gain1 pound of weight
     Reciprocally, if you burn 3500 calories more than what you ingest
     You lose 1 pound of weight.

How many daily calories do you need.?

In general to maintain a healthy weight:
Women sedentareias and old men need 1600 calories per day
Girls, active women and sedentary men need to take around 2200 calories per day
Boys, active men and very active women need near 2800 calories per day

Food Serving Kcal samples :


1.5 cup
0.5 tbsp. 
0.5 tbsp
1.5 oz
1.0 cup
1.0 cup
0.5 tbsp
1.0 tbsp.
1.5 cup
6 oz.
4 oz.
05. cup
2 tbsp.
1 Med
1 Med
1 Med
1 Can 
1 Glass
1 Glass    


Blue cheese dressing
Cheese, cheddar
Ice Cream 
Ice Milk
Margarine, regular 
Milk, non-fat  
Milk, whole 
Yogurt, whole, plain
Almond Nuts
French dressing
Apples, Eating, Raw
Banana Fresh
Pasta Shells, Tesco 
Long Grain Rice 
Coke, Coca Cola
White Wine, Medium
Orange Juice  




Click here to see a complete list of foods and beverages and their calorie and fat counts

 10 Medically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

"Copyright (c) 1996 - 2004, WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved"

1. Journaling 

Writing down your daily food intake is a way to acknowledge the importance of your weight loss mission and help you to take it seriously. Tracking your food, your emotional triggers, and daily physical activity helps you identify patterns and habits that lead to overeating and inactivity.

2. Daily exercise 

Get moving! Exercise burns calories and suppresses the appetite. The National Academy of Sciences recently set new recommendations of 60 minutes of exercise per day, up from 30. But don't panic! Only 30 minutes per day needs to be vigorous activity; use other activities of daily living to add up to the remaining 30 minutes.

3. Kick up the calcium

Recent research by Zemel and his colleagues at the University of Tennessee has shown that consuming three servings a day of calcium-rich dairy foods can speed up weight loss by 50%-70% while strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis. It's a no-brainer -- how can you argue with eating yogurt, cheese, and milk - all really healthy foods if you choose low-fat versions - while enhancing weight loss?

4. Protein at every meal

Research from the University of Illinois reported in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating more high-quality protein can help a person maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat during weight loss. So be sure that the protein you eat is just one part of a well-balanced diet including eggs, fish, poultry, meat, low-fat dairy, beans, and nuts.

5. Believe in breakfast

You can actually lose weight by eating breakfast! The National Weight Control Registry cites breakfast as one of the key factors to long-term weight control. A healthy breakfast keeps blood sugar and hormone levels stable while your metabolism hums along at a higher level, burning more calories.

6. Never go more than 4-5 hours without food

Skipping meals encourages bingeing and crushes your willpower. By making sure that you eat three meals per day you can control your hunger and manage your appetite.

7. Do it slowly

The average adult gains 1-3 pounds per year, according to the surgeon general. One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. So what makes you think you can take it all off -- and keep it off -- in just a few short months? The best and most successful approach is slow and steady, at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week. Combine the calorie reduction with daily physical activity and you'll have a loss of 1-2 pounds per week. Slow, steady weight loss is the kind that stays off forever.

8. Buddy up

Getting support from others is a great way to help you maintain your new eating and physical activity habits. Successful losers have great support systems, according to research from Brown University published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

9. Eat a rainbow of colors and plenty of whole grains

Colorful produce and whole grains contain complex carbohydrates, a wealth of disease-fighting phytonutrients, very few calories, and virtually no fat. Fruits and vegetables are chock full of fiber, vitamins C, A, and K, folate, and potassium. The deeper the color, the richer the nutrients and the potential for greater health benefits.

10. Reward yourself

Have a list of incentives to choose from when you hit small goals such as 5 or 10 pounds of weight loss or getting regular exercise. That will boost your self-esteem, and studies say self-esteem can keep you from succumbing to emotional eating.

 Boosting weight loss and slowing
the effects of aging on your body

Original source:


Nicholas Perricone, MD, the world's leading anti-aging health and beauty expert.

"My research has shown that the chief therapeutic intervention to prevent
weight gain, regardless of age, is the anti-inflammatory diet," says Dr Perricone in his latest bestseller "The Perricone Weight Loss Diet."

Follow these tips to stabilize blood sugar and insulin, maintain precious muscle mass and
stay thin for life.

* Eat cold water fish, such as wild salmon, sardines, etc. However salmon is a fat-
   burner, muscle-builder, wrinkle-eraser, skin-saver, depression-lifting brain-booster.

* Take fish oil capsules. If you don't eat fish or want to increase the weight loss
   benefits of the omega 3 fatty acids found in cold-water fish, take high quality fish oil    capsules.

* Avoid stress -- stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, Excess cortisol    increases appetite and promotes storage of fat in the abdominal area.

* Eliminate Food Cravings. Just 1/2 teaspoon of the amino acid glutamine taken
   at meals three times per day will stop the constant cravings for sweets and high    glycemic carbs.

* Laugh to Lose Weight: Laughter reduces stress hormones, strengthens the
   immune system, lowers blood pressure, acts as a muscle relaxant.

* Go for the Green -- Green tea prevents the absorption of fat, helping to
   keep off excess body fat. Supplementation with the most plentiful green tea
   polyphenol, EGCG, stops diet-induced obesity.

* Listen to your biological clock. Researchers have found that the "clock," once t
   hought to be only in the central part of the brain, is also in the part of the brain that    controls appetite. It appears that synchronization of meal times has an impact on our    weight -- so eat regular meals at regular times to prevent overeating.

* Sleep to Lose Weight: Did you know that sleep deprivation causes overeating? When    we don't get enough sleep, the hormone believed to increase feelings of hunger    increases.

* An apple a day (or two or three) Despite their relatively high sugar levels, apples
   exert a stabilizing effect on blood sugar, in part to their high fiber content and    phloretin: a flavonoid-type phytonutrient found exclusively in apples. Buy organic and    eat the skin as well as the fruit.

For more weight loss tips go to http://www.nvperriconemd.com

Weight Loss

Original source: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/body_and_mind/7_better_living.html

 Common misconceptions regarding weight loss

1-Starches make you fat.

Not true. Starchy foods such as potatoes, breads and pasta are the fastest-burning foods you can eat. All are carbohydrates, which provide the body's main source of ready-to-use fuel. Nutritionists and dieticians recommend that the greatest share of our diet - 60% - be composed of this fuel. "Only a tiny percentage of carbohydrates is ever converted to fat in the body," says Adam Drewnowski, Ph.D., director of the human nutrition program at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health
2-You need to cut calories drastically to lose weight.

Not really. When you cut back too hard on calories, the body goes into a conservation mode in which your metabolism switches to a slower pace.This actually decreases your ability to lose weight. To make sure your body keeps burning fat, experts advise that you drop your total caloric-intake only a little while adjusting the fuel mix. According to one study, men who got 25% of their calories from fat, but ate as much as they wanted of other types of food, lost an average of a half-pound per week

3- Only drastic diets work.

Sure, if you eat nothing but oranges all day long for a week, you'll inevitably lose weight. But if you're considering going on a diet of this kind, I suggest you ask yourself: "Can I eat nothing but oranges for the rest of my life?" Right, sure, uh huh. The problem here is that these kinds of diets aren't realistic.To take weight off, and keep it off, I suggest gradually changing your diet habits.

4- You have to give up your favorite foods.

You don't. In fact, you can eat anything you want. Depriving yourself of pleasure isn't fun, and it doesn't work. "There's something called the abstinence violation effect, which says that if you insist on completely avoiding something, human nature makes it likely that you'll break your resolution," says Dr. Susan Kayman, nutritionist.

5- You shouldn't snack.

Actually, the right kinds of snacks can help you lose weight. Again, follow the rule of "low fat burns fat". Fruits and veggies are the best kind of snacks. So are low-fat sweets such as brownies and cookies.

6- When you overeat, it's because you're hungry.

Hunger has nothing to do with it. We overeat for emotional reasons, and if you know your emotional triggers, you'll start eating better. One of the major reasons is stress, because it causes you to eat more quickly. And the foods you want to eat when stressed are more likely to be fatty, pleasurable things. The best way to foil a craving is to take your mind off it, preferably by keeping yourself busy with a task where it's impossible to eat, such as going for a long walk.

7- Burning fat demands intense exercise.

Not so. Most any exercise burns fat. According to most physiologists, increasing your activity level up a notch or two can make you lose a pound per week. Walking, chopping wood, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the basement are some examples of added activities you can add on to your daily routine. It was believed that you needed an average workout of 3 times a week of intense training to melt away those pounds.
Such workouts are important at increasing cardiovascular fitness, however, fat burning takes place at lower intensity levels.

  'Right nutrition' - 'Wrong nutrition'
  Receive the right nutritious elements and avoi others

Good food categories

>>  Fruits and olive oil;
>>  Raw Vegetables / Cooked Vegetables;
>>  Grains and Pasta;
>>  Nuts & Seeds;
>>  Unrefined sugars (often brown).

1. Fruits & Olive Oil

- Acid Fruit

   oranges - pineapples - sour apples - sour plums - lemons - grapefruits - sour peaches - limes -    tangerines - sour grapes - tomatoes. These are the most detoxifying fruits and excellent foods.    They should be avoided when you have the flu because the body could overreact detoxifying and    make you even more sick.

- Low-acid Fruit

   apricots - blueberries - huckleberries - strawberries - nectarines - raspberries - blackberries -    gooseberries - mangos - elderberries - olives - fresh figs - sweet apples - cherries- sweet peaches    sweet plums - persimmons
   These fruits are less detoxifying than acid fruits and can be handled well in any amount.

- Sweet Fruit

   dates - sweet grapes - pears - prunes - raisins - dried figs
   Rehydrate dried fruit by soaking it overnight in a jar of water.

- Melons

   watermelons - cantaloupes - honey dew - galia
   Are like all other fruits excellent food. What's very special about watermelons is that they contain    as much iron as spinach. Eat as much of them as you like.

- Starchy Fruit

   bananas - peanuts - pumpkins - winter squashes
   Don't eat more than one banana a day if you gain weight easily.

- Non-starchy Fruit

   cucumber - sweet pepper - zucchini - egg plant - yellow squash
   Protein containing Fruit

-olives - avocadoes
   Extremely healthy fruits. Olives and avocadoes contain a lot of different nutritious elements and    even scientists don't know what they exactly contain!

- Olive oil
   Olive oil is very healthy. Use olive oil from today on instead of animal based fat.

2. Vegetables

    After fruit the most important of all foods. Along with fruits, vegetables are the only right nutrition     for the human body. Vegetables contain amino acids and antioxidants in forms that do not occur     in other foods. You can eat unlimited amounts. Vegetables are most nutritious when eaten raw.     They are especially important to eat for their protein contents.

- Non-Starchy (usually green) Vegetables

   alfalfa sprouts - asparagus - bamboo sprouts - beet greens - broccoli - cabbage - celery chard -    Brussels sprouts - chive - collards - dandelion greens - endive - garlic - green beans - kale - leeks    lettuce - mustard greens - okra - onions - parsley - radishes - rhubarb - scallions - spinach - wax    beans - turnips - watercress - turnip greens

- Mildly Starchy Vegetables
   carrots - green peas - rutabagas - cauliflower - beets

- Starchy Vegetables
   corn - dried beans - artichokes - potatoes

- Protein containing Vegetables  
   dried beans - dried peas - soybeans - lentils

3. Grains

    Grains consist of equal amounts of starch and protein.
    pasta - organic whole wheat - brown rice - spelt - millet - oats - rye - barley

4. Nuts & Seeds

    Nuts and seeds are a good source of protein. Nuts are an excellent source of rare amino acids        that are destroyed in cooked protein. Seeds are a good source of essential minerals and     beneficial    oils. As with nuts, do not overeat.

- Nuts  
   almonds - Brazil nuts - pecans - filberts
- Seeds
   sesame - pumpkin - sunflower

5. Natural, Unrefined Sugars

    It is very important to use natural, unrefined, often brown sugars instead of white sugars or        sweetners. Unrefined brown sugars are natural and provide you with energy.

Wrong food categories

    Animal food;
    White flour;
    Refined Sugar;

1. Animal Foods
   Animal foods are: meat, milk, yoghurt, cheese, bouillon, butter, fish, shellfish, eggs e.g.
   If you want to lose weight quickly it is a must to stay away from animal products.
   There are two reasons why you have to abstain from animal food if you want to slim down fast:

   The energy animal foods contain consists of proteins. Proteins take a longer time to digest and are     burnt in a different, more cumbersome way than fruits and vegetables.
   Animal products contain a lot of fattening cholesterol whereas fruits and vegetables do not contain     any cholesterol.

2. White Flour
   White flour forms a sticky substance in the intestines and cardiovascular vessels, causes    constipation and deregulates the digestive system. For a proper burning process you have to stay    away as much as you can from white flour suchs as: white bread, pizza, buns, pancakes, crepes

3. Refined White Sugar
   Refined white sugar is a stimulant and therefore mentioned at 4 but we treat white sugar here    because allmost every product you buy at the store contains some kind of refined white sugar. .    Try to avoid products that contain this worldly accepted stimulant. Examples: sodas, icecream,    candy, ketchup, other sauces and literally thousands of other products in the supermarket.

4. Stimulants
   Characteristic for stimulants is that they can quickly change a mental or bodily state but that the    change is never made permanently and is only a temporary solution. The most well known    stimulants are:

   Refined white sugar;
   Red meat;
   Diet pills;

Sensible Weight Loss Tips
Here are some generally-accepted guidelines for losing weight

Losing weight may not be effortless, but it doesn't have to be complicated. To achieve long-term results, it's best to avoid quick-fix schemes and complex regimens. Focus instead on making modest changes to your life's daily routine. A balanced, healthy diet and sensible, regular exercise are the keys to maintaining your ideal weight.

  • Consult with your doctor, a dietician, or other qualified health professional to determine your ideal healthy body weight.
  • Eat smaller portions and choose from a variety of foods.
  • Load up on foods naturally high in fiber: Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.
  • Limit portions of foods high in simple carbohydrates.
  • Limit portions of foods high in fat: dairy products like cheese, butter, and whole milk; red meat; cakes and pastries.
  • Exercise at least three times a week.
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is important to your health, your normal diet and to help lose weight. Water is necessary for the metabolism of your stored fat.
  • Try to work out as much as possible, but at your own pace.
  • Ask yourself how many times have you started a diet & where would you be now if you had just stuck to one of them?
  • If you think you can you will. If you think you can't, you won't.
  • Snack every 4 hours (try oranges, apples, carrot sticks, pretzels, airpopped popcorn).
  • Buy pre-cut fruit and veggies: You'll be more likely to munch on them for a snack or make a salad for dinner.
  • Carry a little sport bottle at all times. If you feel hungry, take a drink. This works great, for example, when you're at your desk or computer as it helps to curb your appetite.
  • Eat a Good Breakfast, people who skip breakfast burn 5 percent fewer calories than those who eat a healthy morning meal.
  • Substitute activity for eating. When the cravings hit, go to the gym or health club if possible; or clean, or walk around the block.
  • Include two fruits or vegetables in every meal or snack. You'll feel fuller and cut back on calories from other foods.
  • Hit the Scales
    The researchers write that frequently checking your weight allows you to catch small weight gains and hopefully take steps to correct them.
  • Maintain a Consistent Eating Pattern.
    The researchers did find that people who were consistent about their diet were more likely to keep the weight off.
  • To lose weight faster, reduce your intake of caffeine. Caffeine leads to an increase of insulin in your body which retards the burning of your stored fat. Larry Christensen, PhD, a researcher with the University of South Alabama, found in recent studies that when people who are sensitive to caffeine eliminated it from their diets, their moods and energy levels improved
  • Increase your metabolism by as much as 40% by using hot and spicey foods such as hot peppers of all varieties and mustards. Research shows these foods all increase your metabolism.
  • Exercise is probably the most important key to increasing your metabolism and burning off excess fat. Research shows that you burn more stored fat for energy when you do aerobic exercises on an empty stomach than on a full stomach. Research also shows that you burn more stored fat when you exercise late in the day rather than in the morning.
  • To lose weight quickly, never skip a meal. Your first meal after waking starts your metabolism. Your metabolism then speeds up for about eight hours and then starts slowing down until you go to sleep when it goes to low until you wake and eat and start the cycle again.
  • Say goodbye to beer and alcohol.

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