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"The Miracle of Sharing"
World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor
About Us

We are the family Quiroz Ravines. Our parents, Luis and Rosario, already passed away, always practiced the Miracle To share in the Andean community farmer " San Juan de Yanác" , in Cajamarca, Peru, where also we were born. Their descendants, we tried to follow itheir steps and only we inhaled that many citizens of good will of the world practice solidarity, sharing something with poorest. This is the objective by which the World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor men was based. The Movement we initiated year 2007, in Trujillo, Peru, the subscribed one, Luis Quiroz Ravines, my wife Doris, my children Marly and Rony and my brothers, Teonila, Juan Gilberto, Juan Manuel, Jorge, Miriam, Erling and all nephews, children of my brothers.

Founder Journalist

Luis Quiroz Ravines was born in 1944 in the Community Farmer San Juan de Yanác, located in the Department of Cajamarca in Peru. He studied in the National University of Trujillo, graduating as Professor as Language and Literature and Guide of Tourism. He exerted teaching during 24 years and at the same time one evolved like television journalist, making interviews to thousands of people throughout 23 years. He is enrolled in the School of Journalists of Peru. Married with Doris Castillo, he has two children, Marly, Engineer of Systems and Rony, also Systems engineer.

His unique merit is to be honest and his greater ambition to serve the poor men.

He has founded " The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor" and at the same time he looks for to help to the old children and more poor men of his native community farmer San Juan de Yanác


Luis Quiroz Ravines
Los Cóndores 182- Urb. los Pinos
Trujillo - PERÚ
Phone. 5144-283698
Email : lquirozr44@yahoo.com


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