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Tragic gold

After eight years of the greater ecological accident in Peru, happened in the highway that crosses the highlands towns of Choropampa and San Juan in the Department of Cajamarca, the government and Yanacocha miner they affirm that the problem is a closed chapter and that the contamination does not exist, nevertheless,the tragedy remains and its consequences are pronounced over the years.

To thus it demonstrated the televising news article of the past month of April of 2008.

Indeed, the PANORAMA program of Pan-American Television, Channel 2, of Peru, showed dramatic scenes of the people of the Choropampa district.



According to the Dr. Edward Atalaya, Head of the local First aid post, 70% of the population would be contaminated and they presents some of the following symptoms:

- Sudden Bleeding.
- Strong headaches.
- Fall of the hair.
- Loss of memory.
- Pain bones.
- faints.
- Eruptions.
- Uncontrol of the left side of the body
- incapacity to walk.
- Insomnia.
- Sleepiness.
- Anguish and desire of suicide and other symptoms.

As it is known mercury attacks the liver, kidneys and heart mainly.

After produced the mercury spill, a North American scientist arrived at the zone who when noticing of the gravity of the accident, simply CRIED.

Investigator affirmed that in the United States, a thermometer breaks and immediately people near are evacuated, but here in Peru has allowed to people to coexist with poison in full knowledge that condemns a suffering life to them and tragedy, that said, will be become declares throughout the time.

And apparently, the time has given the reason him, as it demonstrated the recent televising news article, 8 years after the accident.

The same Ministry of Health of Peru a year ago realised in the zone samplings and analysis and concluded that contamination by mercury existed. But the Government has maintained silence.

Inexplicably, the contamination is only known in Choropampa and it is unknown that my town, San Juan de Yanác, where mercury was spilled in its main avenue , also would be very contaminated. Many people gathered mercury of the highway, with their hands, and they kept it in their houses.

My prime Daisy, of only 52 years died to two years of the accident. She had picked up a good amount of mercury and she kept it in her kitchen. The cause of her death has not settled down, but like her, numerous settlers of both districts have passed away already, without the real cause is identified


San Juan of Yanác

Around 1.000 peoples, about 900 of Choropampa and about only 100 of San Juan initiated a legal reclamation to Yanacocha Miner. They were represented by a Legal Study integrated by Peruvian and North American lawyers.

The demand began in the State of Colorado in the United States, and it says that the initial demand, although without confirming, asked for an elevated indemnification of American dollars for each harmed settler.

But sopresivamente, this year, 2008, the lawyers would have reached judicial an extra agreement, in terms that are not known and ended up compensating to the settlers with derisory sums of $500, $1.000, $5.000 and in some cases amounts majors. Naturally, they made them sign documents that accepted ndemnization and resigned to their right to any later reclamation. Only about 20 settlers did not accept the money and have tried to initiate a new demand.

In 2003 when finding out to me that my countrymen of San Juan had not been including in a demands judicial, in spite of their evident contamination, I invited a group of North American lawyers to visit San Juan and thus they did it, but when they presented the judicial demand in the Court of Colorado, very opportunely, months before a State Law had been approved that it prohibited to accept demands of foreigners against citizens or North American companies. Until the year 2000 that was possible.

Consequently the hopes of my countrymen disappeared to receive a right compensation by the deterioration of their health.

Next I reproduce the article of:



It have passed more than 7 years of that one ecological disaster considered the greatest of the world, happened 02 of June of the year 2000, between the localities of Chotén, San Juan, LA calera, the Tingo, Choropampa and Magdalena in the province and Cajamarca region, where the mercury spill took place inorganic caused by the company Minera Yanacocha limited liability company and the company of transports RANSA S.A., according to the own mining company, 151 kgrs. of mercury were lost: 49,1 Kgrs. were recovered, 17,4 Kgrs. were lost in grounds and 21,2 Kgrs. they evaporated, which leaves 3,3 Kgrs of mercury nonreclaimed.

Today the population lives in the forgetfulness, desolation and marginalization, many alive Creoles between lawyers, some leaders and bad authorities took advantage the misfortune and they profited removing personal and familiar benefit, and the true ones affected now undergo the consequences without receiving a single cent, with an out of provisions medical medecine center because the insuring Pacific according to the agreement with Yanacocha to only provides them with tablets to calm the pains, according to expressed the medical Eduardo Atalaya Marin.

And for the evils overflow, the original settlers of Choropampa who live in the place now undergo the sequels of the contamination, with rare diseases, pains column, head, kidneys, brain, fall of the skin, malformations and until deaths of near a ten of people, the affected ones attribute to the ecological disaster.

Maria Doris Azañero Cachay, is a youngster of 17 years of age, during the mercury spill she studied in the educative center 82205 of Choropampa, according to her professor Javier Gusmán was a normal girl like all, nevertheless after the disaster it appeared in her body some mulberry grains that soon became black, later turned into incurable wounds and at present the skin by pieces has begun to fall, arriving at the end that is lost part of the hands and the doctors do not find anything.

  Petronila Hoyos Leyva of 56 years of age, was a woman worker dedicated to agriculture, appeared with multiple pains in all the parts of her body until postroad in a totally invalid bed finished, the doctors have not found disease some and the mining cause of the disaster the left them indicating that Choropampa case already is closed.


Juan Martinez Mendoza, was a healthy man and worker very met by all their town, today suffers from pains column, sinews, no longer can nor walk, in the Hospital of solidarity they indicated to him that they did not have treatment and that his ailments would have to the contamination mercury.

As well as they, are many people suffering different symptoms and taking their tragedy with resignation and in silence

Design: Rony Quiroz Castillo