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"The Miracle of Sharing"
World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor
San Juan of Yanac

In San Juan de Yanác, a calm and beautiful town, my mother, Rosario Ravines was born and lived. She along her 90 years of life practiced "The Miracle of Sharing" helping children and poor old men without looking for recompense some. She told me: son, ..doesn't give the one that has, but the one that wants..

San Juan is a rural community, located in the Department of Cajamarca, 800 kms. to the north of Lima, capital city of Peru. It is located 2200 m. on the sea level. Its climate is healthy, its fresh air and its splendid sun.

People are kind but poor. To 40 minutes from San Juan is Cajamarca city, famous for its beauty and rich historical past. There, still they are "the bathrooms of the Inca" San Juan of Yanac is famous for its cheeses wrapped in "tuyos"and for its avocados and cherimoyas.

Do you know that my people are polluted with mercury..?
  In June 2000, there was a spill of mercury in the highway that crosses the town of San Juan de Yanac; as consequence of that accident, probably, most of residents, especially children, are polluted with mercury and their health to future is uncertain. The proprietor of the spilled mercury was Mining Yanacocha, a subsidiary of Newmont, one of the main producers of gold of the world.
The Caverns of San Juan de Yanac

To 7 minutes of the town are the caverns of San Juan, calcareous formations of millions of years that can constitute a regional tourist attractiveness.

Another tourist attractiveness are the thermal waters of Yumagual, to 25 minutes of the town. These are ferruginous waters with remarkable healing properties. Here there is an opportunity of investment: to bring the waters to the town through a pipe of cement appropiately isolated, to build a hotel in the town and to put in use the caverns building bleachers of entrance and illuminating the underground grottos

    We invite investors from all over the world to consider this opportunity of investment.
In San Juan there are not hotels, but in Cajamarca city, to 40 minutes from San Juan, there are excellent hotels, full comfort. For example: "Laguna Seca Hotel", Av.Manco Capac 1098, Baños del Inca or "Costa del Sol Hotel" in Cajamarca main square.

My parents, Luis Quiroz and Rosario Ravines practiced "The Miracle of Sharing." in San Juan de Yanác. They inspired "The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor".

I only seek to follow their steps making know to the world "The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor", that it is not another thing, that "The Miracle of Sharing".

San Juan of Yanác Children
  The house where my parents lived is destined to help the children and poor old men of my town, San Juan de Yanác.  


PC. Luis Quiroz R.
"World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor"


Design: Rony Quiroz Castillo