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Prostate (BPH) Alternative Treatment

All information is general in nature and is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advice

Prostate Enlargement: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

The prostate gland commonly becomes larger in older men. This is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It can cause problems with passing urine. Symptoms are often mild. Without treatment, symptoms do not always get worse, and may even improve over time. If symptoms become troublesome or distressing they can often be improved by medicines or surgery.

Main symptoms :

  •    Frequent urination, specially at night
  •    Difficulty or delay when you star to urinate,
  •    A feeling that you must urinate right away
  •    A weak stream of urine
  •    Reduced sexual function and reduced libido

The Prostate Gland
The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that forms part of the male reproductive system. The gland is made of two lobes, or regions, enclosed by an outer layer of tissue. As the diagrams show, the prostate is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, where urine is stored. The prostate also surrounds the urethra, the canal through which urine passes out of the body.

Scientists do not know all the prostate's functions. One of its main roles, though, is to squeeze fluid into the urethra as sperm move through during sexual climax. This fluid, which helps make up semen, energizes the sperm and makes the vaginal canal less acidic.

Urine flow with BPH.

As a man matures, the prostate goes through two main periods of growth. The first occurs early in puberty, when the prostate doubles in size. At around age 25, the gland begins to grow again. This second growth phase often results, years later, in BPH.

Though the prostate continues to grow during most of a man's life, the enlargement doesn't usually cause problems until late in life. BPH rarely causes symptoms before age 40, but more than half of men in their sixties and as many as 90 percent in their seventies and eighties have some symptoms of BPH.

As the prostate enlarges, the layer of tissue surrounding it stops it from expanding, causing the gland to press against the urethra like a clamp on a garden hose. The bladder wall becomes thicker and irritable. The bladder begins to contract even when it contains small amounts of urine, causing more frequent urination. Eventually, the bladder weakens and loses the ability to empty itself. Urine remains in the bladder. The narrowing of the urethra and partial emptying of the bladder cause many of the problems associated with BPH.

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about the prostate, since the gland plays a role in both sex and urination. Still, prostate enlargement is as common a part of aging as gray hair. As life expectancy rises, so does the occurrence of BPH.

                              BPH and Prostate Cancer: No Apparent Relation

Although some of the signs of BPH and prostate cancer are the same, having BPH does not seem to increase the chances of getting prostate cancer. Nevertheless, a man who has BPH may have undetected prostate cancer at the same time or may develop prostate cancer in the future. For this reason, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society recommend that all men over 40 have a rectal exam once a year to screen for prostate cancer.

Annual checkups starting from the 40

The physicians recommend annual exams of the prostate for all man more than 40 years of age.
This annual exam can help you to avoid the serious consequences of an advanced illness of the prostate.


                           Prostate Enlargement
                    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
                    Peruvian Recipe

   These proposals however don't substitute the advice of your doctor and     the reader assumes all risks from the use, non use or minuse of this     information.


1 -   6 - 7 leaves (no seeds) of  "achiote" or annato (Bixa Orellana)
2 -  2 barks of "Cat´s claw" (Uña de Gato) (Uncaria tomentosa) of
      10 cms long x 2 cms wide
3 -  liter and half (1.5) of water


1 -  To add to liter and half (1.5) of water the leaves
      of " achiote " and the barks of "cat`s claw"
2 -  To allow to boil 7 minutes
3 -  To strain and to cool
4 -  To take a glass and half (1.5 glasses) before each food.

Note : To follow the treatment 3 - 4 months without interruption

To avoid :

1 - excess of citric
2 - liquor, dark soda water and icy beer
3 - processed foods
4 - pepper and raw garlic
5 - animal fats

To consume :

Abundant fruits and fresh vegetables, fish, vegetable oils
(peanut, pecanas, nuts, avocado) and to drink two liters of water daily

This recipe :

-   eliminates inflammation,
-   increases urine flow quickly,
-   stimulates sanguine flow to the cavernous vessels improving
    the erectile function
-   reduces the size of an enlarged prostate with which is
    avoided, in most of the cases, surgery. It does not have
    collateral effects.

Bixa Orellana -"ACHIOTE" (annato) common names:achiote, achiotec, achiotl, achote, annatto, urucu, beninoki, bija, eroya, jafara, kasujmba-kelling, kham thai, onoto, orleanstrauch, orucu-axiote, rocou, roucou, ruku, roucouyer, unane, uruku, urucum, urucu-üva

"Achiote" is a plant from the Peruvian forest whose main characteristic is to shrink
dramatically the size of an enlarged prostate and cut down the inflammation quickly due mainly to its components BIXAGENE, ISHWARANO and sulfate 7 of
www.botany.hawaii.edu     APIGININA. The plant has been studied by the Peruvian Institute of Social Security of Iquitos IPSS (today ESSALUD)

"Achiote" has not collateral effects...
The IPSS in Peru carried out standardized studieses for the determination of lethal dose 50 (DL50) and it checked that it doesn't have side effects administered in appropriate dose.

"Cat's claw" : The famous “Uña de Gato,” is a peruvian plant well-known in the entire world for its remarkable effect to increase the immunologic system , to retard the cellular aging, and for its great power to reduce inflammatory processes, particularly of arthritis and rheumatism.

-“The Peruvian investigator, Dr. Fernando Cabieses says : Cat`s Claw (uña de gato) possesses clear anti inflammatory effect, increases immunologic Mechanism and in certain circumstances inhibits the disordered growth of cancerous cells.”

-“A study of the Institute for the Cure of Tumors of the University of Salerno, Italy, informs that Cat´s Claw inhibits the proliferation of cells of cancer of mamma until in 90%. The nvestigators in charge of the study are the doctors: Cosimo Pizza, Luciana Riva and Francesco de Simone"

To see contraindications and a complete Technical Data Report for this plant
click here

This information is not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or replace proper medical care. The blend described herein is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease

                                  Enlarged Prostate Treatment

My Personal Experience …

I have been treated myself 17 years ago

When in Peru people call me or they visit me to be appreciated because they
were treated without necessity of surgical operation some, I feel happy and
motivated to make know to everyone the wonderful healing properties of this
blend of the Peruvian forest. The blend of "achiote" and "cat's claw" has a great
power to remove the inflammation of, and the extraordinary quality to
shrinks drastically an enlarged prostate and improve urinary flow. . In a few
days disappears the nuisances ; between 4 –5 months the prostate is reduced
and there is not necessity of surgical operation. Additionally reduces
perceptibly cholesterol levels and make thin.

The old Peruvians used wisely this powerful herbal supplement.

My contact with the plant began 15 years ago when an urologist diagnosed me
enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and he ordered a surgical
operation. However I opted for “achiote" and "cat's claw",two plants from the Peruvian forest.
During 4 months I drank boiled leaves of them. I was a 47 years old
journalist For that time I went to the bathroom 4 to 5 times every night; and
an unbearable night, 10 times. Surprisingly the nuisances disappeared and my
sexual appetite was increased perceptibly. From then on, as norm I take each
year “the blend" 2 months, At the present rarely I visit the bathroom at night. Now I am 62 years old.

Due to this personal experience, from then on I give this super herb to men
with problems of enlarged prostate. I have some testimonies testimonies.

For example:

* "A 68 years old man, was swollen and he had severe urinary retention.
Physician ordered immediately a catheter and a surgical operation, but the
man rejected the operation. Drinking boiled leaves of "achiote" and "cat's claw" for 4 months,he recovered his health and he didn't need any operation, because his prostate had shrunk notably, like it was verified by the echographic plates." - Perú.

* “Dear Mr. Quiroz: I once received a small bottle with medicine from you .
This medicine was good for prostate problems and potential problems. I took
the one bottle and after that the problems of that time were gone. However in
the meantime I become older and new problems arrived. From both sides.
Potential and prostate urine flow problems. While I remember that you wrote
you had a friend who recovered totally after taking some bottles. I conserved
very carefully your address for a " your never know ".By this I invite you to
send me the actual price .- Etienne -Koekoekstraat 68a-B-8793 Waregem,
BELGIUM - E-mail : interart@pandora.be

* “Dear Mr. Quiroz : In Canada the only help we can get is by sending your
herb to the University of British Columbia, and if you wish I can do that. They
have a department of testing new herbs. It is a very good herb. I gave your
address to some people so that they can contact you and find out the herb. I
.” Michael.

So then I know that later or earlier, as its surprising properties are known to
cure an enlarged prostate, this blend of "achiote" and "cat's claw" will get the attention of the science and it will become the first natural option in the world for treatment of BPH or enlarged prostate.

And , I have not observed harmful collateral effects.


PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines
Founder of the “World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor"


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