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"The Miracle of Sharing"
World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor
Give without hoping to receive, and Receive more than what was given  
You won't harden your heart, neither you will close your hand against your poor brother ( Dt. 15.7 )

Dear friend :

If GOD has blessed you in some way, it is time to share a little bit with the poorest.Verify it. There is more happiness in GIVING that in receiving

 I invite you to join to the World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor

It is very easy. You only send this letter, seven times, to seven friends or neighbors. Send it for e-mail, postal mail or deliver it printed personally. The number seven ( 7 ), the perfect number in the Bible, it can help us to help others.

But before sending the letter, commit with GOD and with the poor.


 The REASON of the Movement is that you formulate yourself the following PROMISE and keep it :

From today, I PROMISE YOU, my GOD, that ONCE A MONTH, every month, every year, I WILL DONATE a bread, a charity or something useful to a POOR brother of my city or of the world.


WITHOUT FAILING: Once a month, you donate SOMETHING to a poor person. Little or much, but you donate SOMETHING every month.

If millions give something every month, millions,- poorer than us -, will receive something, every month. That is the essence of the Movement : GIVE and share with the poorest. And the happiness that one feels on HAVING GIVEN, does not have price. - Remember: IT DOES NOT GIVE the one that has but the one that wants..

Your commitment is voluntary, but, if you commit, You must KEEP YOUR PROMISE.  - Don't betray to GOD, nor yourself-

!!..Get Involved.. Join to the Movement.. !!    

That JEHOVÁ blesses you every day and JESUS CHRIST takes care of you always


Luis Quiroz Ravines
Founder Journalist


¡¡.. SPREADS .. the Movement ..!!
Design: Rony Quiroz Castillo