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"The Miracle of Sharing"
World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor
  The idea of the Movement was born in the humble, but luminous rural community "San Juan of Yanác", located between high mountains, pure air and blue sky, in Cajamarca's Department, Peru, South America; where the people are poor but nice and generous.  

There I was born and there there were born my parents, who along their lives practised The Miracle of Sharing helping the neediest.

Their conduct of delivery and service the others inspired the creation of this Movement of solidarity, which is not another thing, which a simple but practical IDEA and that might relieve million underdogs if it propagates and is practised all over the world.

And YOU are invited to join and to spreading the Movement to verify that the satisfaction of GIVING does not have price.

That GOD blesses


Luis Quiroz Ravines
Founder Journalist

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Design: Rony Quiroz Castillo