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Dear friend :

My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines,

Let me to share a personal experience that could be useful for other people.

I am a healthy peruvian journalist of 62 years. However, It makes something more than 3 years I suffered of a perverse and painful illness called fibromyalgia.The illness produced rigidity and muscular pain, particulary in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. The Society of Rheumatology of United States says that the illness doesn't have cure and recommends to prove different drugs to alleviate the pain.

In my case, the pains improved or they worsened according to the days. The pain was sometimes so incapacitating that could not lift the sheet when waking up. The arms hurted me as if they were hurt open and the legs were shown stiff . Due to the pain, I could not reach deep dream and every time felt more tired.

To control the pain, the first year I was with Prednisone (cortisone) of 10 mg.daily. I Left the cortisone due to its harmful colateral effects and I began with " Viox " a suppresor of pain of last generation, (already retired of the market). To minimize its adverse effects I took 1 pill every two days and even a pill every three days. When I attempted every four days, the pain returned intolerable. I proved all that you can prove to alleviate the pain, including massages, acupuncture, chiropractor, relaxation, natural medicine, etc.

When I had lost the hope, I found the method the Dr. Batmanghelidj who says:

I am a researcher. I have researched dehydration for the past 20 years. When I discovered that the solution to most of the disease conditions of our society is not a money maker, I decided to take my information to the public.

Dr. Batmanghelidj had dedicated 20 years to investigate the healing properties of the water. He affirmed that He had cured thousands of cases of ulcer and more than 20 illnesses, only with pure, clear and crystallyne water.

Illnesses cured with water:





- gastritis and acidity
- arthritis
- pain of back
- angina
- migraine
- colitis
- asthma
- Arterial -hypertension
- early diabetes of the adult
- High -cholesterol

Also illnesses, as

- depression
- Sexual -impotence
- neurosis gives anxiety
- syndrome ofchronic fatigue

Illnesses autoimmunes like:

- Juvenile -diabetes
- lupus
- Multiple -sclerosis
- Progressive muscular -dystrophy
- Lateral -sclerosis (illnes of Lou Gehrig)
- Parkinson
- Alzheimer
- Fibromyalgia

The Theory of the Dr. F.Batmanghelidj, is that:


   "Each function inside the body is regulated and it depends of the water

The water should be available to take vital elements, oxígeno,hormonas, and the chemical messengers to all the parts hof the body. Without enough dilutes to hydrated all the parts equally of the body, some more remote parts, won't receive the vital elements that provides the water.

The water is also needed to take toxic waste outside of the cells. Give fact, there are 50 reasons at least for which the body needs the enough water in a regular, daily base.

He affirms that one the unknown functions of the histamine is to regulate the entrance of water and its conservation. The dehydration increases the histamines causing chronic inflammation in the tissues.

When the histamine and its managers of dryness subordinated cross the sensor nerves of the pain, they cause pain. This is what I discovered in my investigations the Dr. Batman says

           Here the Recipe the Dr. Batmanghelidj :

1.  Drinks 1/2 (half) of the weight of your body in ounces of water daily
     Example: 180 pounds =90 onz of water daily. Divide that in glasses of
     8 - 10 oz. and that is how many glasses you will need to drink, daily.
2.  Uses 1/4 of teaspoonful of sea salt for each liter of water that you drink.
     Take potassium daily: banana, orange etc.
3-  Avoid drunk cafeindas or alcoholic drinks.These are diuretic and they
l    will dehydrate it. Each six onz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional
     of 10 to 12 ounces of water for hydration.

     The salt completes a double functión :

a) - allow that the water is retained in the body and that this be hydrated.      
b) - to restore the salt lost in the urine due to the biggest water consumptionr.

   More information you can find at www.watercure.com                                            

In short, drink minimum 2 liters to 2 liters and half of water daily along the day ( 8 - 10 glasses of 10 Onz ) You can drink the water of "two in two glasses" every time The absolute minimum i is 6 glasses daily.

In my case, I began the Cure of Water and miraculously the pains went diminishing to the point that I didn't take " Viox " neither cortisone again.

They have spent near three years, I feel very healthy. I feel fully recovered. The pains have left in 99 %, the fatigue has disappeared, I sleep better and I take a totally normal life.

                              My daily routine with the water

1 - I drink 10 glasses of boiled water, daily (2.5 liters) You      can drink water without boiling, if you consider that      your water is safe.
2 - Among 6 at 7 of the morning I drink 6 glasses of water      with a little bit of salt (less than 1/4 of teaspoonful of      salt) of two in two glasses, every 10 minutes      and      sometimes every 2 minutes.

      CAUTION: No drinks 6 glasses in less than 15 minutes                                     if you suffer of high pressure. Drink 8 -10 glasses                                      along the day.

To my first glass of water I add it the juice of 1 - 2 fresh lemons

"Fresh Lemon's squeezed in water is a wonderful way to strengthen the liver. Lemon is nature's natural hydrochloric acid, to help the liver manufacture a stronger gastric juice. The liver loves lemons, because it is its only anionic fuel, so the liver does the least amount of change to the energy from the lemon to make it a part of our chemistry than it does to any other food known to man. In other words, the liver is anionic or alkaline in its function. The lemon is the only food known that is also anionic. All other foods are cationic. Therefore the lemon is the food that the liver can get the most benefit from with least amount of resistance.

Most all people unless they have an ulcer or an allergy to lemons will benefit from squeezing a little lemon in part of their water they drink throughout the day. It will strengthen the liver and immune system, improve digestion, help balance the bodies pH and freshen the breath.

The liver is the most important organ in the body. It filters and purifies the blood. It makes enzymes and amino acids necessary for digestion, absorption and replacement of healthy cells. If it does not get the nutrients that it needs to do its job, it will take the nutrients from other organs. Health begins in the liver so "if someone hands you a lemon, squeeze it and drink it."

                                     3 - before ofthe lunch (20-30 minutes) I
                                  drink two glasses of water, without salt.
                                    4 - before of the dinner I drink two glasses of water                                       (total 10 glasses = 2.5 liters)

IMPORTANT: Always drink the water 15 - 30 minutes before each meals or two                    hours after the main meals. Never with the foods.
Additionally I practice 40 minutes of exercises daily, and I eat abundant fruits and vegetables.

But first I trust God.

San Juan of Yanac Children

The house where my parents lived is destined to help the children and poor old men of my town, San Juan de Yanác. The rural community "San Juan de Yanác" is located among mountains, pure air and blue sky, in Cajamarca, Peru.


                                Christmas 2007                                    San Juan de Yanác


PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines
Founder of the “World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor"
“Rosario Ravines de Quiroz” Foundation - Peru


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